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What Is Ice & Water Shield, And Why Is It Important?

Any roofing system has to have protection from water-related issues. This includes wind-driven rain, flowing water, ice dams, seepage, and other water problems. A roofing underlayment system can be used to alleviate water concerns. The best product to use for these water concerns is an ice and water shield product.

Used under standard type roofing and conventional asphalt shingle, ice and water shield will effectively resist water penetration. Areas around vents, chimneys, skylights, and valleys are also protected from water intrusion. Anywhere water tends to collect and flow can be kept safe from damage by using an ice and water shield product.

All the products function in the same general way. They keep water from seeping under your roof and doing damage to your roof, attic, and even the interior of your home.

Some of the benefits of using ice and water shield products as roofing underlayment are:

- Easy to apply (peel and stick) membrane seals around problem areas

- Sticks to a roof better than any other product

- Protects to ultra-high temperatures, typically 250 degrees or so

- Keeps wind-driven rain and backed-up water due to ice dams from penetrating your rooftop's leaks around flashing areas. (Vents, valleys, etc.)

- Seals around nails

- Has a non-slip walking surface

- Provides dual barrier protection

- Protects under almost all roofs

- Features fold-less release paper

- Does not dry up and crack

Ice and water shield can be used in new home construction and on re-roofing projects. The product works fine in both applications. In many locales, the installation of the shield is required by building codes. The product can be installed over the entire roof for extra protection but in many instances, it is only applied where problems generally occur.

The product will inhibit oil bleed-through from certain roofing products which help to keep the roof clean. In many cases, especially in the products made by Grace, recycled components are used in the product’s manufacture. This contributes to LEEDS points.

The integrity of your roof is of prime importance in homeownership. Water seeping under shingles and other types of roofing can cause great damage to the roof itself and anything under the roof, such as your attic and the interior of your home. Keeping the area dry is the best and easiest way to avoid such damage. A roofing underlayment system such as ice and water shield is the most effective way to protect your roof and home.

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