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What Is R- Value?

When considering adding insulation it is important to understand R-Value and the importance of the effectiveness of your home’s attic insulation, as well as what R-Value your home needs to avoid wasting energy spend.

Since your home loses most of the energy you pay for each month through the attic, having the right amount of insulation to keep that costly comfort in the home is paramount. 

Image of attic with insulation in the floor

So, what is R-Value anyway?

The “R” in R-Value stands for “resistance to heat transfer.” The higher the R-Value, the better the resistance to the heat we pay for in the winter months escaping through the attic, and the heat from hot summer getting in the home from the attic space. While there are numerous insulation types available on the market, the most common residential types in homes less than about 10-15 years old are:

- Loose-fill fiberglass (2.5 R-Value per inch)

- Loose-fill cellulose (3.2 R-Value per inch)

- Fiberglass batts (2.5 R-Value per inch)

Each type of insulation has an assigned R-Value per inch (shown above). To know what R-Value you currently have, you simply identify the type, measure the thickness, then multiply by the designated R-Value per inch. For example, if you have 9 inches of loose-fill fiberglass insulation, you would multiply 9 x 2.5 which equals an R-Value of R-22.5.

The U.S. Department of Energy has done the research and testing for us, fortunately, and we know what R-Value we should have based on our region’s weather climate. In the KC area we should have at least an R-Value of R49 and up to an R60 for maximum money savings, comfort, and energy efficiency.

So, where does your home measure up versus the DOE’s recommendation?

How much money is wasted each month on your energy bills?

90% of homes do not even meet the minimum recommended R-Value for their homes! This means up to 30% of the money you pay for each month simply escapes through the poorly insulated attic space! 

Click this link and register for a FREE – no-obligation energy inspection from one of Emerson Enterprises’ project managers so you can know where you stand, and what steps you can take to start saving money immediately, having a more comfortable home, and stop wasting your hard-earned money each and every day!

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