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Roof replacement typically involves several steps, including a thorough inspection of the existing roof, removal of the old roofing material, inspection and repair of the roof deck, installation of a new underlayment and roofing material, and final cleanup and inspection. The process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the size of the roof and the complexity of the job. It is important to hire a professional roofing contractor who is licensed, insured, and experienced to ensure the job is done safely and correctly.



As the homeowner you are the only one that can file the claim, don’t worry it is not difficult. All you have to do is call your insurance companies catastrophe line and let them know that your home was in the path of the storm. If you need the phone number one of our representatives can assist. Make sure to take note of your claim number so we can reference this throughout the claims process. While on the phone with your claims center please be sure to let them know you are working with us to restore your property and give them your representatives contact information, this will allow your adjuster to contact us and schedule the adjustment.


Once the claim is filed, our representative will create a complete scope of repairs. This document will include all measurements, damages and photos of damaged items. There is no need for pricing at this time, our focus here is to make sure all damages are accounted for so we can present them at the adjuster meeting. This generally takes about an hour. Some companies charge as much as 10% of the claim for this service but we provide it FREE as a service to earn the right to complete your repairs.


Our representative will meet with your insurance adjuster and discuss the damages that were found. We will provide them with a copy of our report as well. You will be happy to know that both us and your adjuster work from the same guidelines. HAAG Engineering sets the industry standards and criteria for assessing storm damage. This makes the process of coming to an agreement easier. We also utilize the same pricing software so we can compare apples to apples and make sure the amount your receive is enough to restore your property to pre-storm condition or better.


It is important to receive final approval before repairs begin, this will ensure everyone is on the same page and allow the insurance company the opportunity for a re-inspect if needed. Not rushing the project gives you the peace of mind knowing every item will be paid for properly from your insurance company. The only expense you will incur is your deductible, which is required by law.

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